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Rebelcell lithium batteries provides lightweight, low-cost-per-cycle, safety and high discharge performance. Rebelcells are a drop in replacement for lead-acid batteries without modifing the application. Installation in series and parallel is possible without additional wiring and BMS(Battery Management System) just like normal AGM batteries.

Rebelcell lithium batteries are equiped with a LED gauge. This consists of a pair of LED's on the upper side of the battery these give you an accurate reading of the state of charge of the Rebelcell. To provide an accurate indication of the state of charge the BMS measures charge and discharge current of the battery and calculates the capacity. Addtionally the BMS protects the battery against abuse and shutsdown the battery when certain safety limits are exceed (eg excessive load or temperature) to prevent permanent failure of the battery. If the limits return within the norm, the battery will switch on itself.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 RC12-25 12V 25Ah (20h) 3 M8 B00 196x131x159
 RC12-200 12V 200Ah 9 M8 B00 516x199x345