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CPW High Rate Cellpower batteries are designed specifically for UPS applications. These AGM batteries have a maximum lifespan, according to strict industry standards. This is achieved by using computer models, the proper selection of materials and design, and automated production. The CPW Cellpower batteries have a higher energy density compared to other batteries of the same dimensions, which is reflected in more Watts per cell.

Parts# Capacity CCA Layout Terminal Bhd Dimensions
 CPW30–12 12V 5Ah 90x70x106
 CPW35-12 12V 7Ah 151x65x98
 CPW35-12L 12V 7Ah 151x65x98
 CPW50-12 12V 8.5Ah 151x65x100
 CPW80-12 12V 15Ah 151x98x98
 CPW110-12 12V 22Ah 181x76x166
 CPW140-12 12V 28Ah 165x125x175
 CPW160-12 12V 33Ah 195x129x168
 CPW200-12 12V 40Ah 197x165x171
 CPW270-12 12V 55Ah 228x139x202
 CPW390-12 12V 80Ah 261x173x202
 CPW450-12 12V 90Ah 306x173x202
 CPW530-12 12V 110Ah 330x173x214
 CPW650-12 12V 135Ah INSERT M8 B00 344x173x277
 CPW750-12 12V 155Ah INSERT M8 B00 344x173x277