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Ultra-compact and powerful lithium-ion jump starters with patented safety technology to provide spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection. It not only holds its charge for over a year, nor experience any detrimental effects if left uncharged, but its capable of delivering starting currents up to 4,000 Amps. Even jump starting a 10 Liter diesel engine on a combine at minus 10ºF.
Plus, it can power your favorite 12-volt devices (like tire pumps, power inverters, lights and more), and up to 500 lumens of light.

Parts# Description Specs Safety Datasheet
 GB20 Noco Genius Booster GB20 12V 400A
 GB40 Noco Genius Booster GB40 12V 1000A
 GB50 Noco Genius Booster GB50 12V 1500A
 GB70 Noco Genius Booster GB70 12V 2000A
 GB150 Noco Genius Booster GB150 12V 4000A
 GB500 Noco Genius Booster GB500 12/24V 20000A
 90350 Booster Charger USB 2400mAh Black
 90351 Booster Car Charger USB 3.1A 12V/24V
Parts# Description Specs Safety Datasheet